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產品簡介  Product introduction
It enjoys advantages as easy & convenient operation, long life circle, stable & reliable performance, low steam consumption, strong adaptability and good quality which are especially applicable for drying paste materials which cannot resist high temperature, flammable and is easy to be oxidized under temperature adjusting. It is proved to be a good drying device after long-time use by the users. The principles are: add the materials to be dried from middle of upper part of the shell body. The materials move in axial direction back and forth under positive and negative rotation of the rake (stirring). The surface which contacts with inner wall of the shell keeps renewing. Under indirect heating of the steam, even stirring by the rake and crushing by the crushing bar, it is easier for water on material surface to be discharged. The gasified water is emptied at outlet of vacuum pump by dry-type collector, wet type collector and condenser.

適用物料  Applicable materials
All kinds of pigments of muddy type and highly pasted type under 100 mesh, muddy type materials, soda detergent, alkali starch, dyestuff pigment, clay grey clay and cement, etc.

適當條件下應用    Suitable application conditions
Models and technical features of synthetic fiber, crystallization vacuum liquid, emulsion liquid, ore and other suspended liquid under 100 mesh.

主要技術參數參考表 Reference table of main technical parameters

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